Sea of Tides

The beach is my happy place.  I love looking out over the ocean, enjoy watching the waves dance upon the shore.  The warm sun caressing my skin, the sand playfully tickling my toes.  The cool ocean breeze blowing through my hair always gives me a sense of freedom.  Time to play, time to relax with … Continue reading Sea of Tides

Friday Fictioneers – The Little Mouse That Could Inspire

The Little Mouse That Could Inspire - By Arl's World Molly sat there staring at her computer.  Blink, blink, went the cursor, how would she ever finish the book on time?  She glanced up at the clock nervously, her deadline was fast approaching.  She needed motivation, inspiration ...but what? How? Molly got up, wandering aimlessly around the tiny apartment.   She walked … Continue reading Friday Fictioneers – The Little Mouse That Could Inspire

Belle Of The Ball – Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Bella stood on the balcony overlooking her Papa's plantation.  Dreamy eyed, she gazed out upon the land.  Today was a special day, one she had waited for all her 16 years.  She would wear her finest dress, Mama had it special ordered all the way from Charleston.  She was so excited, she could hardly breathe.  All eyes would … Continue reading Belle Of The Ball – Friday Fictioneers

Love Has No Fear – Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Melanie Greenwood   She never liked mazes ...the feeling of being lost, wandering about endlessly, trying to find a way out only to come to another wrong turn.  Her anxiety of small places and feeling trapped always got the best of her, she had long ago learned to avoid such places. Today would have been no different … Continue reading Love Has No Fear – Friday Fictioneers

A New Beginning – Friday Fictioneers

A New Beginning She stood there taking it all in, this new place.  All the people, sounds, smells .... she was hungry, it had been a while since she had eaten.  She made her way through the crowd.  She would eat, then find a place to stay.  A place to call home, away from him.  Her thoughts immediately went … Continue reading A New Beginning – Friday Fictioneers