Destination – Galveston Seashore

One of our favorite places to go is to the beach.  Every summer we spend lots of family time at the seashore of Galveston Island.  Starting with Spring Break madness and continuing through the summer months, Galveston offers a great getaway, perfect for families, couples and all you spring breakers. If Spring Break is not your ideal getaway time, than August might be.  … Continue reading Destination – Galveston Seashore

Virgin Islands Vacation

 I am dreaming of days back in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.  What a wonderful vacation!!  There are a million things to do.  You can bask in the sun, on one of the beautiful secluded beaches.  Splash around in the crystal blue ocean or sip a tropical drink as you lounge and take in the amazing scenery. … Continue reading Virgin Islands Vacation