Memoirs of a Dater – Chapter One

At the time of my divorce, I was living in Austin, Texas.  Looking back now, there was no better place to be after a break.  Austin has so much to offer,  so many things to do and places to go.  Anyone at any age can find a multitude of things happening at any given time in Austin.  It was not to … Continue reading Memoirs of a Dater – Chapter One

3 Strikes and You’re Out!

So I had a date a couple of weeks ago and it went like this ... 1.  The guy could not find the place.  Called to say he was running late and could I give him directions.  I gave him directions best I could but he wasn't understanding and seemed a bit irritated with me … Continue reading 3 Strikes and You’re Out!

Sorry, My Phone And I Are NOT Joined At The Hip

I recently received this text from a guy I have been talking with for about a week.  We are not dating mind you and we have not even met in person, we are just talking/texting for now.  You know, just pleasantries:  "How was your day?"  etc.   The message sent to me was as follows:   … Continue reading Sorry, My Phone And I Are NOT Joined At The Hip