On-Line Dating, WTH!?

Do you ever have a date where you are left with so many unanswered questions? The date ends and you are wondering what was that all about?  You leave the date going WTH?  It happens to me a lot, more than I would like to admit, actually. I took a break from the dating scene for a little … Continue reading On-Line Dating, WTH!?

3 Strikes and You’re Out!

So I had a date a couple of weeks ago and it went like this ... 1.  The guy could not find the place.  Called to say he was running late and could I give him directions.  I gave him directions best I could but he wasn't understanding and seemed a bit irritated with me … Continue reading 3 Strikes and You’re Out!

My Date with a Modern Samurai Warrior

A recently had an interesting date, to say the least, and thought I would share it with you.  I met this guy on-line and after talking for a couple of weeks or so, we decided to meet at a local Mexican Restaurant in the area. Conversation:  Me:   "So tell me a little about yourself." Samurai:  "Okay, well I … Continue reading My Date with a Modern Samurai Warrior