Creamy Homestyle Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese please!  As a mom, I know you have many request for Mac & Cheese.  Kids love it!  I know my son could probably eat Mac & Cheese everyday as an afterschool snack alone. Whenever I can, I like to make the real stuff, the good stuff, made from scratch.  My son loves it and I know he is getting a better meal.  This recipe is creamy, cheesy goodness …perfect as a … Continue reading Creamy Homestyle Mac & Cheese

Kid Friendly – Pepperoni Cheese Pizza Casserole

This recipe takes all the good things about pizza and combines them with pasta to make a quick and easy, kid pleasing, great, one-dish casserole.  Perfect for your hungry family.  This dish has lots of ooey gooey cheese and lots of pepperoni’s, just like your favorite pizza.  Yum!    I don’t know about you, but Monday night is my least favorite night of the week to cook …that and … Continue reading Kid Friendly – Pepperoni Cheese Pizza Casserole