Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Nike’ and Delilah

Hello all.  Since this is my first time to participate in Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge, I wanted to introduce both of my pets.  Soo …without further ado here are:   Nike’ …our little Chihuahua.  On Saturday morning, as I was doing a little blogging, look who hopped up in my chair to pay a visit.  I am not sure what this look is … and Delilah, … Continue reading Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Nike’ and Delilah

Meet Nike’

To dog lovers everywhere a dog is often called Man’s Best Friend, as this is certainly true, I think that a dog is Man’s Best Medicine, as well.  This is the case, for us, because of one little red dog who makes us laugh and brings happiness to our lives. My son named our dog Nike’ (pronounced like the shoe).  He read that Nike’ means victorious, after the Greek goddess of victory.  … Continue reading Meet Nike’