DIY – Kitchen Pantry Organizing

  Seems like you can never find anything in your kitchen pantry, regardless of what you’re looking for. You want to sweeten your coffee but you end up putting salt in it? You’re looking for parsley yet dill is the only thing you come across? And where are the measuring cups you wonder? The chaos raging in your kitchen is enough to bring you to … Continue reading DIY – Kitchen Pantry Organizing

Craft – Snowman Wreath Door Sculpture

This is the cutest idea!  There are so many different things you can do with wreaths.  I love this!  I thought I would share it with you this week for Fiesta Friday. To create a Snowman Door Sculpture; pick up one large, one medium one small wreath.  Attach all three wreaths to one another with twine or decorative ribbon.  Next, secure the grouping of wreaths … Continue reading Craft – Snowman Wreath Door Sculpture

DIY – Fun With Foam Crafts

Foam crafts are terrific for children of all ages. They are a great idea for holidays, sleep overs, birthday parties or just a cold winter day when the children are not able to play outside.  I taught preschool age children and these are the perfect activity for teachers to do in the classroom, it is fun and easy and does not cost much.  Be creative and have fun! Foam Door Hangers   Make It:  Use craft foam pages, place … Continue reading DIY – Fun With Foam Crafts