Best DIY Pumpkin Decorations

Autumn is here and for most of us that means cooler weather, shorter days, football season, and DIY decorations.  Check out these cute Pumpkin decorating ideas for Halloween and Fall.  Enjoy!   đŸ™‚ Pumpkin Bonfire – For how to instructions visit Better Homes and Gardens DIY Glow in the Dark Pumpkins – Find the step by step instructions at iLoveToCreate Jack Skellington Pumpkin by Rooolea Portfolio Fanged Vampire … Continue reading Best DIY Pumpkin Decorations

Installing Open Kitchen Shelves

Open kitchen shelves are a good addition to your kitchen. You can use them to improve your kitchen dĂ©cor, or make a fashion statement. Or you may want to replace some of your old cabinets with these open types. These types of cabinets are ideal for small kitchen areas because they seem to expand the available space due to their open nature. Another advantage to … Continue reading Installing Open Kitchen Shelves

Painting With Wine

Hello everyone!  Happy Friday!  Glad to be back amongst the WordPress family and Fiesta Friday!  So where have I been and what have I been up to you ask?  Or maybe you haven’t asked, maybe you haven’t noticed I’ve been MIA.  That’s okay, but I am going to tell you anyway … Firstly, the good news.  I am discovering my new-found love for painting.  Painting and … Continue reading Painting With Wine

Cleaning with Kids – DIY Recipes  with Essential Oils

Essential oils are known with their exceptional aromas and endless uses. Experts advice us to put a drop of lavender oil on our pillow if we have sleeping troubles at night. The application of essential oils, however, is much wider. You can easily include some of them in your home cleaning. Those liquids can do more than spreading a nice smell around the house. You … Continue reading Cleaning with Kids – DIY Recipes  with Essential Oils

DIY – Nine Cleaners from Everyday Household Stuff

Every home owner has been blinded by the shiny TV and magazine ads of various cleaning detergents and chemicals that promise quick and fantastic results. And still, we often forget that nature has always been the best alternative for home cleaning and maintenance that can be perfectly done without using any toxic ingredients and threatening the health of your family members. You can now forget … Continue reading DIY – Nine Cleaners from Everyday Household Stuff