Final WPC – All-Time Favorites

Goodbye Weekly Photo Challenge.  Thanks to the WordPress team for all the support and  guidance on this photo blogging journey.  The many friendships of fellow bloggers you helped create.  Thanks for all the memories.   My All-Time Favorites From WPC – Place In The World and Reflections  Watching the boats come in at sunset – Surfside Beach One of the many beautiful parks in the … Continue reading Final WPC – All-Time Favorites

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

Daily Post Says: “A misty morning, your handsome spouse, your grandmother’s house that’s also your elementary school and the Eiffel Tower — this week, show us something dreamy.” Dreamy St.Thomas, Virgin Islands Dreamy Chocolate Kit Kat Cake – Recipe here 🙂  Dreamy Candlelight Part of the Weekly Photo Challenge:  Dreamy. Thanks for visiting! Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

Weekly Photo Challenge – Advenuture

Adventure At Sea Headed out, the blue sea calls.  Where adventure awaits, with stories tall. What will we find, out here in the ocean?  The boat tossing to and fro, the waves in motion. Maybe a ship in a bottle, a very large fish  …or a lovely mermaid.  What is your wish? So cast a line or take a seat, my friend.  We are headed out to sea, where adventures begin.   … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Advenuture