Chocolate Chip Pan Cookie

Original Nestle’ Toll House recipe for Chocolate Chip Pan Cookie.  This recipe is more like a chocolate chip bread or brownie, and still has all the wonderful flavor of a toll has chocolate chip cookie.  Delicious.  Great for the holiday season, an easy, yummy dessert cookie that always goes quick. I made this recipe as directed.  These little cookies turned out so good …moist and full of morsels and flavor.  A great recipe to … Continue reading Chocolate Chip Pan Cookie

Spring Cookie Creme Cakes

Happy Friday everyone!  It is raining here a lot lately, as it always does in April on the Texas Gulf Coast, and last weekend was no exception.  So what do I do when it rains …besides clean house?  I bake!  I found a recipe for some monster cookies that sounded wonderful, so I made them.  I didn’t have the M&M’s that are usually called for in monster cookie recipe, … Continue reading Spring Cookie Creme Cakes