Favorite Places to Eat in Austin

One of my favorite things to do while living in Austin was to eat out.  And of course, Austin is all about good food and live music!  You can find some of the best restaurants anywhere, right here.  Some of them world-famous!  Austin has the popular spots, you know the ones …everybody knows this place and goes here type places.  And then you have the unique, little … Continue reading Favorite Places to Eat in Austin

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

An old tree, its branches twisting this way and that. “Old tree Giant towering Above the forest;You Who saw the rise Of ancient suns, The fall of principalities, The ageing of creation;You Who drank the drought And bathed in mists Of thousand winters Cold;You who heard The rapture of mountains, The breach of the seas And the angry thunder Of broken waters Icy; Silent, Timeless … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

Zilker Botanical Garden – Austin

Zilker Botanical Garden – Austin, TX There are so many things to see and do in Austin, one of the places I really enjoy is Zilker Botanical Garden.  My son and I spent the day there one spring for a class field trip, what fun!  The Gardens are simply beautiful especially in the spring, on 30 acres, they have often been called “The Jewel in the Heart of Austin.” There … Continue reading Zilker Botanical Garden – Austin

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

This shot shows an old tree … In the second picture you see more of the old tree.  How its branches extend, stretching outward, leaving a beautiful reflection on the water. In this first picture, from further back, there appears to be just crowds of people walking down a busy street in downtown Austin. In this second picture, as you walk closer, you now see a clear view of the street musician standing there. For … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective