Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Shoes or Feet

For this week’s Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge we are asked to show photographs of Shoes or Feet – Human or Animal.  Here are my picks for this challenge:



“Lazy Sunday”Lazy Day

“Beach Ready”Black and White - Beach Ready Toes


“Dance to the music”Mellow's paws

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Arch, Dome or Half Circle

For this week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, we are asked to show our photographs of Arches, domes or half circles.

This particular theme really was a bit of a challenge for me, as I did not seem to have many photos I considered suitable.  Nonetheless here are my picks:


I think the sun makes a beautiful half circle on the shoreline, as it rises over the water.IMG_6450.sunrise


A cropped picture from one of my donut recipes makes two half circles.016abc


The mountains of beautiful St. Thomas make an impressive dome shape.bestspring-break-2013-6 (1)


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Final WPC – All-Time Favorites

Goodbye Weekly Photo Challenge.  Thanks to the WordPress team for all the support and  guidance on this photo blogging journey.  The many friendships of fellow bloggers you helped create.  Thanks for all the memories.


My All-Time Favorites

From WPC – Place In The World and Reflections 

Watching the boats come in at sunset – Surfside Beach


One of the many beautiful parks in the Austin,TX area



From WPC – Up Close – Squirrel Playing “Peek-a-boo”



From WPC – Minimalist – Seagull flying high



From WPC – Endurance – Labor Day Cup 2014 – A show of Endurance



From WPC – Work Of Art – Beautiful Seashell


My wonderful son playing in the surf – Surfside Beach


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The Mistake Was In The Assumption



People make assumptions everyday – work, socially, we schedule our lives around assumptions.  Some assumptions are minor and go without consequence.  But others …well the problem is not in the assumption itself,  but what is assumed.

Love can be a fickle beast.  Love is supposed to last forever, more often it does not.  Love is supposed to stand the test of time.  Love should be infinite.  There should be no questions, no assumptions.  Love should be pure, it should be true.

The mistake was in the assumption that he was not a liar.  That he was telling the truth.  There really was no one else.  He was sincere, his love true.

Assumptions can be dangerous if  made in haste, if made without clarity.  Lives can be altered, paths reshaped.  Be careful what you assume.


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Unthinkable? Think again. Could Your School Be Next?


After the recent mass shooting at Santa Fe High School, only 45 minutes away, I am increasingly concerned, to put it mildly.  No, actually, I am becoming down right worried, scared for the safety of my 16-year-old son while he attends school.  With less than a week away from the end of the school year, I’m feeling more than just the normal relief.  As I continue to watch the news of these tragic shootings, and grieve for the victims and their families, I still think this is unimaginable.  A possibility of a shooter here, in our quite neighboring communities?  Nah, Unthinkable!  That only happens in larger areas, big cities.  But now …here it is, at our doorstep.

I see the posts on social media, “Pray for Santa Fe.”  I certainly can pray for everyone involved in this horrific, senseless crime.  Praying helps, but it does not exactly calm the fears and growing concerns I have moving forward for the future and the safety of all our children.  I feel I am not alone in my thoughts here, certainly plenty are expressing their degree of astonishment, but yet it seems as if no one is really talking about it.  We have talk of more gun control, of more mental help awareness …but how do we feel as parents now, in letting our children go to school?  The unthinkable, unimaginable is happening!!  How safe are our children at school anymore?  What are the schools actually doing now, in light of this most recent shooting?  As a Mother, inside, I am shouting, “No, stop!  Don’t let him go to school!”  Is anyone else secretly screaming these very words?  This feeling of insecurity should horrify us all!

So what is to be done?  As a Mother it is my job to love, provide, protect and teach my child.  I take pride in this role, but at the moment I am feeling quite helpless to protect my child from this type of violence.  There are some things however, that are within my control.  In our homes, as parents, we can be more effective at closely monitoring our children – relationships, time on social media – what they are looking at, whom they are talking to, who are their friends.  Spend time talking with your children, ask questions, and listen to them – showing an interest in their activities and what goes on at school, without judgement.  The better informed we are, the better equipped we are.  We all should be working towards preventing the unthinkable from happening again.  Our children deserve a safe environment to learn and grow.  They are our future.  Let’s protect our future now.

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Place In The World – Weekly Photo Challenge

“Where do you belong? In the hustle and bustle of a big city or amongst friendly faces in a small town? For this week’s challenge, show us your place in the world.”


The weekly photo challenge this week is Place in the World.  I am a country vs city girl.  Large crowds, heavy traffic, tall buildings on busy city streets are not my thing.  I grew up near the ocean in a relatively small area with wide open spaces.  Summers were spent by the water; camping, swimming, boating, skiing, tubing, basking in the sun.  Give me wide open spaces and friendly faces.  🙂

Outdoors in nature, by the ocean or in a beautiful meadow by a pond, country is my happy place.  I always feel grounded here, calm and at peace.


062aA place to reflecttree reflection in water




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