‚ÄúLoneliness is the poverty of self; solitude is richness of self.‚ÄĚ ‚Äē May Sarton.   Up until about 6 years ago I did not know what it was to be¬†alone, nor did I ever think I wanted to be. ¬†It was only after my divorce that¬†the realization of the importance of being alone resonated.¬†¬†Now I understand that we need that solitude.¬† Solitude teaches us about … Continue reading Solitude

December Skies

December was always her favorite month. She said there was something about the December sky at night; a backdrop of winter blue velvet, beautiful and silent. The diner looked the same, maybe newer, fancier …shinier somehow. ¬†The old man stood and looked at the diner one last time. ¬†Memories. ¬†A tear escaped and made its way down his cheek, to be quickly wiped away. ¬†Becky … Continue reading December Skies

Pink House on Pelican Way – Friday Fictioneers

  Pink House on Pelican Way – AR “One …two …three …right here!¬†¬†Make a left after the third¬†street onto¬†Seashell Dr.¬† Then a right on Pelican Way.¬† It is the pink house on the end.”¬† Roni could hardly contain her excitement. He would be happy to see her.¬† She smiled at the thought of him.¬† Memories of them came rushing back.¬† Summers spent¬†laughing together on the … Continue reading Pink House on Pelican Way – Friday Fictioneers