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Hi Everyone!  I have some exciting news to share with you, and a recipe as well.  🙂

Like most of us, I love essential oils.  They can be used for aromatherapy to induce relaxation, or as a natural way to clean and deodorize our homes.  There are even medical and pharmaceutical uses for these wonderful oils.  But what oils do you use for what?  How much of the oils are needed for the ideal result?  If you are like me, you love the thought of using essential oils in your home, but maybe are not sure the proper recipe.

Thanks to Simply Earth you can experience all the possibilities of essential oils without being an expert in aromatherapy.  Simply Earth’s essential oils are selected by an aromatherapist to help you create a healthy and chemical free home for your family.  All Simply Earth essential oils are natural and chemical free.

Simply Earth Essential Oils are:

  • 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade
  • Batch GC/MS Tested for Scientific Purity
  • Tested Free of Pesticides
  • Zero additives or fillers

What comes in your essential oil recipe box –

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  • FUN EXTRAS like beeswax to make recipes. 🙂


I got a July Subscription Box to try out and review.

 Simply Earth

I received:  Ginger, Amyris, Orange, and Peace and Quiet.  Peace and Quiet is my favorite and mixed with Ginger makes for a Peaceful diffuser blend.  I also received fun extras –  like these cute little recipe cards to make a natural hand sanitizer, linen spray and mini car air freshener.  Pretty cool!  I liked mine so much I decided to become a Simply Earth Ambassador.  Join our Ambassador Club Today! 


Enjoy A Natural Home – By signing up with Simply Earth you will receive: 

A monthly subscription recipe box with all the ingredients, containers, and extras you need to make 5-7 natural recipes… delivered to your doorstep.

And …



Here is what is included in August Subscription Box



Begin your essential oil adventure today. Signing up is quick and easy.

Click on the link below to begin your journey to a better you and a natural home.



Until next time …thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoyed this post and choose to get your own essential oil recipe box.  🙂



Linen Spray

Simply Earth


Simply Earth Essential Oils –

  • 10 drops ginger oil
  • 10 drops orange oil
  • 5 drops peace and quiet blend oil
  • 1 tsp witch hazel
  • 1/4 cup water
  • spray bottle

Make It:

  1.  Drop essential oils into a spray bottle
  2. Add witch hazel
  3. Fill the rest of the way with water
  4. Close tightly and shake well to mix
  5. Spray over bed linens etc to naturally sanitize and protect

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Caveman Coffee


Father’s Day is not far away, it will be here before we know it, on Sunday, June 18.  Some of you are probably wondering what to get Dad, I know Dad can be hard to buy for.  But this year, you will have the perfect gift!  Caveman Coffee Company, makers of specialty coffee, has a pleasing variety of coffee and coffee accessories to choose from to make Dad’s big day stand out.

Check out one of my favorite selections below:

White Gold – Blend of Single Origin, Arabica Beans


Great as your first morning cup, or with a nice big slice of cake for that afternoon pick me up!  This is an excellent choice for Dad, and anyone who appreciates a good cup of coffee.  Slightly roasted for a light, nutty and earthly flavor.  A very smooth and creamy tasting blend makes it perfect to pair with some of Dad’s favorite fats (butter/coconut cream/ MCT).

Please do go to their website Caveman Coffee Company for White Gold, and all the rest of their delicious coffees and coffee products.  They also have tea, for the tea lover in the family.  Make Dad’s day shine, and maybe find something for you too!

See below for my favorite coffee recipe.

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My Morning Cup using White Gold - Caveman Coffee

  • Servings: makes 1 - cup coffee
  • Print

coffee review (2)

By:  Arl’s World

For Your Brew:

Caveman Coffee – White Gold

1/4 teaspoon of MCT coconut oil

1 tsp honey

A big dash of cinnamon

3 tablespoons of almond milk or you can use a tablespoon of coffee creamer

Optional for the Mocha lover:  Add 1 little square of chocolate from a candy bar or  a tablespoon of Nestle Nesquick Liquid Chocolate Syrup. (only brand I have found with no Fructose Corn Syrup)

Stir and enjoy!


*Disclosure – I received a product for review to give my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*


Daily Goodie Box – Review


How It Works:

Become A Member –  It is quick and easy to join.  All you do is go here: Daily Goodie Box and sign up!

Get A Goodie Box – After you sign up you will receive your Goodie Box, this is subject to availability; I received mine in a timely manner.

Give Your Thoughts –  Your Goodie Box comes loaded with all sorts of products for you to use and review.  Each one you receive has new and cool products for you and your family to try out.

Here is what is in the box!

Goodie Box.jpg

You get a mix of products as you can see.

Some of my favorites:


Great tasting healthy energy drinks.


Wild Cocotropic

Great addition to coffee, for the coffee drinker in the family.


Yerba Mate’ Chai Artisan Tea 

Ahh …always good on those cold winter mornings.


And last but not least …

Confetti Pop Cookie Mix

These cookies were easy to make and delicious!  If you haven’t had Miss Jones products you have to try them!  You can find them in your local grocery store or go to:  Miss Jones Baking Co.

This is by far one of the best products to review.  The box comes with a variety of items and some are even full size, as you can see by the pictures.  Some other personal favorites are the Lip Gloss and mini Organic Lemongrass Coconut Oil.  My family and I enjoyed trying out the different products and sharing them with family and friends.  Most of these I would definitely purchase at the grocery store or on-line.  I can’t wait to see what the next one brings!   What a cool idea!  Thank you Goodie Box for giving me the opportunity to review this product.

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Sex Happens


As women, we define ourselves by our connection to a man. Are we someone’s wife? Lover?

Think about Eat, Pray, Love. The book opens with the main character leaning over the toilet bowl, certain her life is over. Then she travels to Italy where she eats, India where she prays and then she loves—the true reconstruction of a life for a woman.


Look at Blue Jasmine, the movie. The main character discovers her husband is a fraud. She comes undone. She holds onto her role as wife of a wealthy man. She can’t accept her life without her husband.


This is literature, but art imitates life and when it comes to marriage, it’s no exception.

Famous cellist, Wasserstein, stated when she got engaged, now she’d be taken seriously. Yes, even a fabulous career USUALLY isn’t enough.


I remember talk radio host Dennis Praeger describing a conversation he had with three recent college graduates who asked him to guide them about meaningful careers. He suggested they consider motherhood as their primary goal and select a secondary career which could support that. As an extremely successful chiropractor and Qualified Medical Examiner,  It is the role of mother that has given me life-affirming joy and fulfillment. While I’ve been fortunate to have a career which was financially and emotionally rewarding, it was nothing compared to seeing children grown into adulthood and create their own families.

However, this isn’t the same for everyone. Being a wife or a mother is a common goal, but others find fulfillment in travelling, volunteering, as an aunt or sister. In some cases, women have created their own versions of families with friends and neighbors.


Think about your life as a professional woman, a wife, a mother. Where does your soul get fed? Knowing this about yourself will allow the most fulfillment.

My novel, Sex Happens, is about a woman whose priorities develop with the curveballs of life. Her children remain the center, but she is able to gain more support from female friends, rediscover herself as a lover, and realize her strength as a businesswoman.

The novel is currently rated 5 starts on, and is available in print and Kindle formats. You can find it here:

Dr. Carol Soloway is a chiropractor and qualified medical examiner, who has now entered a new journey as a writer. She is currently on her book tour around the U.S. Learn more about Carol and Sex Happens at or


Thanks to Dr. Carol Soloway for being our guest blogger today.  Please do check out her new novel, Sex Happens.  A great read, and just in time for Valentine’s Day!

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Skout Deals – Deal Finding App = Family $avings

Hey all!  This week I received this app at no cost to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own. The app finds great deals in your area, for you, all in one location on your phone.  Easy and convenient to use, save time and money.  No more searching various websites, newspapers and flyers; clipping coupons…nope, you have all the information on deals in your area, right at your finger tips.

The app is really easy to download, takes seconds to sign up, and very user-friendly to navigate through.   The best part about it is …I don’t have to hunt for deals, just a tap of my finger, and it saves my family money!


Everything 25% OFF or MORE at places near you.  

So here is how it works:

You download the app to your smart phone.  It will ask you a few brief questions to set your location and shopping needs.  The app is location based.  You will see all the deals you want for your area.   At your main screen you can search by  merchant, category or keyword for deals. Save searches you are interested in.  Search, find your deals and save money.  It’s that simple.  The app also has a savings tracker that keeps track of how much you save.  Love it!



A couple of days in and I have to say that I really love this app!  There are plenty of deals to choose from.  No more coupons you can’t use, for items you don’t want.

Well known merchants across North America, big and small, update their deals daily to the app. Thousands of discounts, coupons and freebies are added daily.  

What is not to like?! So far, I have taken advantage on deals at several stores in my area.  Petco had a few deals that I couldn’t pass up.   Merry Christmas to our little four-legged fur babies!



More deals in my area:


Thank you Skout Deals App!

I would definitely recommend this app to family and friends, anyone who loves a good deal.   For more information and to get your own Skout Deals App, check out the website at:   Or click the link below to go directly to download.

It’s FREE to download!


And until next time …

Your next great deal is just around the corner.  Happy shopping!











Review on The Mighty Mug

Today I have a product called The Mighty Mug. I received a complimentary Turquoise one for testing and review.  All opinions are my own.  What is mighty about it you ask?  It is a mug designed to prevent spills.  Mighty Mug grips to any smooth, flat, solid surface and when you bump into it, it remains upright, no messy spills!  Pick it up, and it lifts up naturally like magic.  Pretty cool, huh?


I tested this product and I can say for the most part, it does what it claims to do.  Powered by Smart Grip technology, The Mighty Mug grips, it lifts with ease and yes, it doesn’t spill over.  The Mighty Mug does have to be on a solid, flat, non-porous surface, which is most of the office desks, so no problem there.

I would recommend The Mighty Mug to anyone and I have enjoyed using mine.  It is pretty reasonably priced, starting at $19.99 and comes in assorted colors.  I received a complimentary Turquoise one for testing and review.   You can find more information and/or to order one at THEMIGHTYMUG.COM.

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An Awesome Friend & Chobani Yogurt #BreakYouMake

During our life time we will meet many people.  People will come and people will go out of our lives,  we only know some for a short time and others will stay and become great friends.  If you are lucky enough in your life time, you will have at least one or two people who you can truly call a real friend.  Someone who has made a difference in your life; motivated you to do better, stuck by you through the bad times and even brought you chicken soup when you were sick. Someone who is there for you, to help support you through this journey we call life.  That is how I would define a true friend.

Chobani is challenging all of us with their exciting, new #BreakYouMake project to recognize someone in our life who deserves a break.

Displaying BreakYouMakeVariety.png

Chobani Flip Yogurt asks:  “Do you know someone in your life who needs a break from the daily grind?”  The answer is yes, I do!  Her name is Roni Lee Karr.  This person is a true friend to me.  Not only has she been there for me to share in my happiest moments, but she has also been there through the rough points in my life; a surgery, a scare with cancer, relationship break-ups, financial difficulties …the list goes on.  She is not only a friend to me, but also so much to many others as well.  Roni is a wonderful wife, daughter, mother and grandmother and loved dearly by all around her.  Roni is a beautiful person inside and out.  She is compassionate, caring, loving and selfless, forever helping those around her in need.  Taking little time for herself, she is constantly on the go helping others.

When I heard that Chobani Flip Yogurt was asking everyone to take this challenge, my friend Roni instantly came to mind.  So today I say thank you to my friend Roni.  Here is to you, take a break girl!  You deserve it!  🙂

My friend Roni and I getting together for a visit …taking a #BreakYouMake!


Show us the #BreakYouMake   🙂


Here is a recipe using yummy Chobani Yogurt!

Berry Breakfast Muffins – Click Here

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