Yes, It Does Snow In Southeast Texas.

“I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says, “Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass I live in Southeast Texas, about 55 miles SE of Houston and 9 miles to the … Continue reading Yes, It Does Snow In Southeast Texas.

December Skies

December was always her favorite month. She said there was something about the December sky at night; a backdrop of winter blue velvet, beautiful and silent. The diner looked the same, maybe newer, fancier …shinier somehow.  The old man stood and looked at the diner one last time.  Memories.  A tear escaped and made its way down his cheek, to be quickly wiped away.  Becky … Continue reading December Skies

The Meaning of The Snowman

Hello all!  We are having a blustery, cool “Winnie the Pooh” type of day here.  Wintry weather just in time for Christmas!  Today I bought some decorations for my front door.  Something you don’t know about me is that I love to decorate with Snowmen, the whole winter wonderland thing.  This year I got a Snowman door mat and matching decorative garden/yard stick.  The lighted garland is next … Continue reading The Meaning of The Snowman