An Awesome Friend & Chobani Yogurt #BreakYouMake

During our life time we will meet many people.  People will come and people will go out of our lives,  we only know some for a short time and others will stay and become great friends.  If you are lucky enough in your life time, you will have at least one or two people who you can truly call a real friend.  Someone who has made a difference in your life; motivated you to do better, stuck by you through the bad times and even brought you chicken soup when you were sick. Someone who is there for you, to help support you through this journey we call life.  That is how I would define a true friend.

Chobani is challenging all of us with their exciting, new #BreakYouMake project to recognize someone in our life who deserves a break.

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Chobani Flip Yogurt asks:  “Do you know someone in your life who needs a break from the daily grind?”  The answer is yes, I do!  Her name is Roni Lee Karr.  This person is a true friend to me.  Not only has she been there for me to share in my happiest moments, but she has also been there through the rough points in my life; a surgery, a scare with cancer, relationship break-ups, financial difficulties …the list goes on.  She is not only a friend to me, but also so much to many others as well.  Roni is a wonderful wife, daughter, mother and grandmother and loved dearly by all around her.  Roni is a beautiful person inside and out.  She is compassionate, caring, loving and selfless, forever helping those around her in need.  Taking little time for herself, she is constantly on the go helping others.

When I heard that Chobani Flip Yogurt was asking everyone to take this challenge, my friend Roni instantly came to mind.  So today I say thank you to my friend Roni.  Here is to you, take a break girl!  You deserve it!  🙂

My friend Roni and I getting together for a visit …taking a #BreakYouMake!


Show us the #BreakYouMake   🙂


Here is a recipe using yummy Chobani Yogurt!

Berry Breakfast Muffins – Click Here

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8 thoughts on “An Awesome Friend & Chobani Yogurt #BreakYouMake

  1. It’s so nice to have a friend you can always depend on! Cheers to a beautiful friendship you have with Roni and to Chobani for encouraging it, and to the delicious muffins! XOXO


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