Craft – Fun With Foam Crafts

Foam crafts are terrific for children of all ages. They are a great idea for holidays, sleep overs, birthday parties or just a cold winter day when the children are not able to play outside.  I taught preschool age children and these are the perfect activity for teachers to do in the classroom, it is fun and easy and does not cost much.  Be creative and have fun!

Foam Door Hangers

006 005

Make It:  Use craft foam pages, place on craft foam letters and shapes.  Punch two holes at the top for yarn or ribbon for hanger.

Easy Foam Stamps


Make It: Cut free-form designs from foam sheets to create flowers. Adhere the shapes to wooden blocks to make the stamps. Use toothpicks to add lines and dots in the foam for added texture

Foam Pencil Toppers


Make It: Layer crafts foam shapes to create simple designs, such as a sun, turtle, and car. To secure a pencil through each, cut two slits in the center as shown. Add to the top of a pencil.

“My Shape Book”


Make It: Select a theme for the book and decide on words and shapes to fill it with. Choose large pieces of foam for the pages and punch two holes on the left side (to bind the book pages together). Add white grommets to secure book pages. Let your child decorate the pages. Use a die-cut machine to punch shapes and letters in various colors from foam sheets with sticky backs for the cover. Once the book is complete, bind it with thick lengths of evenly trimmed yarn.

Foam Visors


Make It:  Use red or any color Foamies visors.  Place on foam letters and shapes.  Be creative with glitter and glue to make it your own individual style.


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