Installing Open Kitchen Shelves

exposed shelves

Open kitchen shelves are a good addition to your kitchen. You can use them to improve your kitchen décor, or make a fashion statement. Or you may want to replace some of your old cabinets with these open types. These types of cabinets are ideal for small kitchen areas because they seem to expand the available space due to their open nature.

Another advantage to open kitchen shelves is that they are easier to install. You don’t need to really be a professional handyman to be able to install them. But if you want the open kitchen shelving to look like they have been installed by a professional, you still have to follow certain rules of the trade. It also means that you can save money by doing it yourself. Here are some important tips on how you can install your own open kitchen shelves

Before starting this project, please keep in mind the following things:

  1. The design of the open kitchen shelves should harmonize with the overall style of your kitchen and it should also be simple so that they won’t be competing with the items that you will put on them.
  2. Use these open kitchen shelves to display items that are attractive. Boxes of foods shouldn’t be displayed in them unless they are placed in decorative baskets or containers.

Materials That You Will Need

Prepare these materials before starting the project.

  • 10 inches deep boards – these are usually available in 8-feet lengths. Get as many as you need based on your open kitchen shelving design.
  • 8 inches deep brackets
  • Screws, at least 2 to 2.5 inches in length. This will be used to screw the brackets to the kitchen wall.
  • Screws, short, this will be used to screw the wooden shelves to the brackets.
  • Basic handy man tools such as measuring tape, pen, masking tape and carpenter’s level
  • Wood saw or power saw
  • Screw driver
  • Power drill
  • 5/16 inch diamond-tipped drill bit, for standard size 8 or size 9 screws
  • Sandpaper
  • Power sander
  • Butcher block oil
  • Drywall anchors – if you can’t find the studs to anchor the brackets

Steps In Installing Open Kitchen Shelves

Step 1: Use a wood saw or power saw to cut the 10-inch deep wooden boards to the desired lengths. Sand the edges using the power sander with sandpaper to get them smooth and even on all sides.

Step 2: Coat the wooden shelves with butcher block oil. If you want the natural color of the wooden board, just coating it with this oil will be enough. But if you want to emphasize the grains of the wood, you can color it with a wood stain. Be sure that the color will not clash with the kitchen wall where you will install the open shelves. The oil will keep the wood from drying and it will make cleaning the shelves easier.

Step 3: Choose the spots where the brackets should be positioned. It is best to locate the brackets where the studs are because these are the points where there will be the strongest support for the shelves. Once you’ve located the studs, cover it with masking tape and mark them with “Xs.” Do all you can to locate these studs on the kitchen wall. But if you really can’t, use dry wall anchors as support to your open kitchen shelves.

Step 4: The best bracket support that can be provided to open kitchen shelves are at least two to three brackets per shelf depending on the length of the shelf. Drill the holes where you will anchor the brackets. To safely drill the hole without cracking the tile on the wall, start drilling at a slight angle until an indentation is made by the drill bit. Then straighten out the drilling and start drilling right through the tile.

It is recommended that the first hole to drill is the hole at the top of the bracket.

Step 5: Fit the wooden shelf on three brackets. Place a wooden shelf on each bracket. Then place another bracket under the other side of the wooden shelf. Use a carpenter’s level to check the position of the other brackets. You need to take some time to be sure that the shelf is really on a horizontal level.

Step 6: Drill the two top holes for the other two brackets.

Step 7: Locate position of the bottom bracket holes. Put a wooden shelf on top of the three brackets. Then put the carpenter’s level on top of the wooden shelf and also on every bracket and ensure that they are all lined up and leveled correctly. Cover the position of the brackets’ bottom holes with masking tape and put an “X” on the location of each hole.

Step 8: Drill the bottom holes of the three brackets.

Step 9: Mark the bracket holes on the wooden shelf. Make sure that these brackets holes will put the shelf on the right horizontal level.

Step 10: Drill pilot holes into the marks on the wooden shelf. Use the power drill to drill pilot holes into the wood about ¼ inch deep.

Step 11: Screw in the small wooden screws to finally anchor the wooden shelf in its place.

Step 12: Repeat all the previous steps in installing additional open kitchen shelves.


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Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Shoes or Feet

For this week’s Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge we are asked to show photographs of Shoes or Feet – Human or Animal.  Here are my picks for this challenge:



“Lazy Sunday”Lazy Day

“Beach Ready”Black and White - Beach Ready Toes


“Dance to the music”Mellow's paws

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Arch, Dome or Half Circle

For this week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, we are asked to show our photographs of Arches, domes or half circles.

This particular theme really was a bit of a challenge for me, as I did not seem to have many photos I considered suitable.  Nonetheless here are my picks:


I think the sun makes a beautiful half circle on the shoreline, as it rises over the water.IMG_6450.sunrise


A cropped picture from one of my donut recipes makes two half circles.016abc


The mountains of beautiful St. Thomas make an impressive dome shape.bestspring-break-2013-6 (1)


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It’s National Donut Day! Have You Had Your Donut Today?

Hello all!  It’s National Donut Day!  Yea!  In honor of National Donut Day, and to celebrate Fiesta Friday, I have re-posted some of my favorite donut recipes.  I am not normally a fan of re-posting, however …It’s National Donut Day!  😉  Enjoy!

Click on the picture to see your favorite donut recipe.  🙂






Time to make the donuts!!  Happy Baking!


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Final WPC – All-Time Favorites

Goodbye Weekly Photo Challenge.  Thanks to the WordPress team for all the support and  guidance on this photo blogging journey.  The many friendships of fellow bloggers you helped create.  Thanks for all the memories.


My All-Time Favorites

From WPC – Place In The World and Reflections 

Watching the boats come in at sunset – Surfside Beach


One of the many beautiful parks in the Austin,TX area



From WPC – Up Close – Squirrel Playing “Peek-a-boo”



From WPC – Minimalist – Seagull flying high



From WPC – Endurance – Labor Day Cup 2014 – A show of Endurance



From WPC – Work Of Art – Beautiful Seashell


My wonderful son playing in the surf – Surfside Beach


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The Mistake Was In The Assumption



People make assumptions everyday – work, socially, we schedule our lives around assumptions.  Some assumptions are minor and go without consequence.  But others …well the problem is not in the assumption itself,  but what is assumed.

Love can be a fickle beast.  Love is supposed to last forever, more often it does not.  Love is supposed to stand the test of time.  Love should be infinite.  There should be no questions, no assumptions.  Love should be pure, it should be true.

The mistake was in the assumption that he was not a liar.  That he was telling the truth.  There really was no one else.  He was sincere, his love true.

Assumptions can be dangerous if  made in haste, if made without clarity.  Lives can be altered, paths reshaped.  Be careful what you assume.


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